Dr. Michael Herman

Veterinarian & Practice Owner

Here is the short version...the official 'credential part'. Dr. Herman first graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Go Sidney Crosby!) Dr. Herman then chose Veterinary Medicine as his next step and graduated from Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1999. Shortly thereafter Dr. Herman had an opportunity to 'jump the border' and practiced in Andover, Massachusetts. Dr. Herman loved this opportunity and was immersed in learning a tremendous amount. Due to family needs, Dr. Herman reluctantly returned to Nova Scotia, after some time settling into a position at a 4-doctor day practice as well as a busy after-hours emergency practice on week-ends.

Us   Pens Game. Oct.09And then came the neat story. Once upon a time in little 'ol Nova Scotia (yes, Nova Scotia is cold!), Cheryl-Anne had a very sick dog; a yellow lab named 'Marley' (long before the book!). Cheryl-Anne's regular veterinarian was on vacation and Cheryl-Anne called numerous clinics to find one that could wait for her and Marley to get there. Dr. Herman said he'd wait. (fast forward) They met, Marley eventually got better and the rest, as they say is history! Not long afterward, Michael asked Cheryl-Anne if she would consider a big move to the U.S. where his heart always was professionally. Dr. Herman was offered a Chief of Staff position with a corporate company and 'Pineville Animal Hospital' is where Dr. Herman called 'home' for two years.  Then, the corporate company decided to sell it. Rather than move once more (at this point The Herman's were expecting!), Dr. Herman decided to take the plunge and buy the old place, renovate it completely, re-name it, re-love it... and VOILA! South Charlotte Animal Hospital was born! At about the same time as their daughter, Claire!

Along with taking care of the hospital, Dr. Herman enjoy all of the wonderful things Charlotte has to offer. Dr. Herman enjoys the close proximity of professional sports. He is a big Packers fan and often catches Sidney Crosby at Pittsburgh Penguins games in Raleigh (if only they'd put a rink in Charlotte!). The Herman's both share a passion for the arts and enjoy theatre, music and oil painting.

Together with staff, the focus is providing fantastic medicine to their patients while providing a warm and quaint atmosphere for the clients! If you're not already a client, you should note that South Charlotte Animal Hospital is proud of their unique 'Hold Your Pet's Paw philosophy' and clients are always invited to be part of their pet's health every step of the way...right from routine exams to even surgery.